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The process makes us special

Making our creamy sesame butter takes time, precision and care. Find out how we do it here!


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Created from gently roasted sesame seeds, which are slowly ground on natural stones to produce an incredibly moreish, silky-smooth butter.

Benefits of Sesame Butter

Good for you

✔ Packed with minerals Calcium, Magnesium + Iron
✔ High in plant-based protein
✔ Full Of Omega 3+6

Good for the planet

Sesame plants are a very undemanding species, using far less water per acre than nut trees and requiring just a simple soil to grow. Our sesame fields grow free from harsh pesticides and other nasty chemicals.

Love for sead

"It has such a silky texture which makes it great for stirring into porridge and spreading on crumpets. It's so delicious and feels like a real treat, but is also nutritious."

– Becca

"I had honey first and it was SO GOOD I wanted to try chocolate and caramel. As someone who grew up in the middle east, I can confirm that all three flavours are top notch!"

– Mulham

"OOOOoooh. stunningly delicious, unusual sweet and savoury taste, lovely gooey texture .."

– Anna

"The caramel Sead is so so good with bananas on bagels in the morning! I used to eat so much Nutella, so tried out the chocolate flavoured one too. Great alternative. Such a good flavour and so much healthier!"

– Emily


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