Sead Foods

Original Tahini Jar

Our silky-smooth, lip-smacking tahini uses only sesame seeds gently roasted and slowly ground on natural stones. Drizzle it over a platter of roast veggies, whip into dressings for thumpy-oomphy stir-fries and salads, bake into brownies, slather on slabs of thick chewy toast with a runaway-puddle of maple syrup, or just pour over a big scoop of vanilla ice-cream!
Grab your favourite spoon and get creative!

Chocolate Tahini Jar

Our lip-smacking chocolate tahini blends single-origin Dominican cacao with our silky-smooth Original tahini, made using stone-ground sesame seeds. Slather it on
slabs of thick chewy toast or soft squidgy crumpets, lob it on a warm wedge of banana bread, pour over a stack of fluffy pancakes, or just stir into a bowl of comforting porridge!
Grab your favourite spoon and get creative!

Good for the planet

Sesame plants are a very undemanding species, just requiring a little water and a simple soil to grow. Our sesame fields grow free from harsh pesticides and other nasty chemicals.

All our packaging is plastic free with bio-degradable labels.


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