Sead Foods

The Beginnings

Sead was planted at the start of 2018 when I was living in Greece, volunteering for a small refugee organisation called foodKIND. I was part of a tight-knit team cooking and distributing hundreds of hot meals around the city of Patras. During this time, I discovered tahini and the countless ways, both sweet and savoury, this ingredient can be used!

When I came back to the UK I started creating different types of tahini in my kitchen at home, testing and tasting the recipes on crumpets every morning for breakfast! I then started selling them at markets around Manchester, where I live, and down in London.

I’m now a self-confessed tahini addict, and I’ve been drizzling and slathering it on everything ever since!

The Team

CEO + Founder

Georgia Keats

Favourite way to eat Sead:

Original Tahini slathered on toasted crumpets with banana and cinnamon, or wizzed into an asian dressing poured over noodles and crispy tofu!


Amelia Fowler


Favourite way to eat Sead:

Chocolate Tahini slathered on sourdough with banana slices on top!

Azhar Jamal

Tech Man

Favourite way to eat Sead:

If I'm feeling naughty, Chocolate Tahini on toasted waffles with lots of vanilla ice cream!